What Counts as a free book?
You can download any file with the extension docx, pdf, epub or print the text directly in our editor. For free you will be able to edit and listen in the editor for no more than 8000 characters. In order to download an audio file you need to pay for the synthesis of the whole book.
What languages does Indiepub support?
Indiepub currently supports 2 languages and accents: English and Russian
Does Indiepub offer APIs?
All of Indiepub features are available for easy integration using REST API.

Check it out here:
Commercial Rights
Our technology can be incorporated in a number of different markets, and we target mainly call centers, banking, digital assistance, podcasts, and audiobooks. However, our text-to-speech solutions can also be used by the game industry and retail chains for voice-over announcements, as well as to create audio guides and provide digital assistance.

Commercial rights are not resell rights.
Resell Rights
Resell Rights are for clients who want to leverage Indiepub, AMAI.API or any of AMAI's technologies, including custom voice cloning, to resell to and service their own customers and other third-parties.

Please contact us for Reseller Rights and Pricing.
As per the nature of subscription models, Indiepub does not offer refunds.
More than 10 emotions and other parameters for editing

We have the best in class Voice editor with a human in the loop. You can diversify your voice overing via the easy-to-use editor.